Coach Code of Conduct

Hong Kong Golf Association Limited

Coaches’ Code of Conduct

The Hong Kong Golf Association Limited has formulated a Code of Conduct for coaches to follow, which aims to develop a clear and integrate coaching scheme. “Coaches” acts an essential character between the association and athletes, representing the sports, cultivating the talented, encouraging the development of golf.


1.      To display high personal standards of manners, etiquette and presentation.

2.      To provide quality service and professional advice to athletes.

3.      To develop not only golf skills but also etiquette of players.

4.      To be a positive role model for players, avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco, foul languages during events or coaching.   

5.      To encourage fair play and treat players equally, protecting them from abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, bullying).


1.      To maintain good relationship with HKGA, players, other coaches.

2.      To attend coach meetings, evaluate training progress and performance.

3.      To attend relevant training courses on time and must not leave early, be late or absent. If coach would like to take leave, he/she needs to inform HKGA for further arrangement.

4.      To encourage motivation of athletes, provide objective advices for improvement.

5.      To ensure all training reports (i.e. attendance list, progress reports) are submitted to HKGA after the classes ended.

6.      To report to the HKGA immediately once the accidents/problems/issues happened.

7.      To wear appropriate dress code, i.e. sportswear in golf course.

8.      To provide a safe environment and use appropriate equipment.

9.      To ensure training and competition are suitable for the age and fitness level of the athletes.

10.    To follow the HKGA guidelines regarding sexual harassment policy.

11.    To avoid any form of harassment towards your athletes. This includes harassment on sex, race and disability.