General Information

The Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA) will supply a handicap information pack to any individuals who wish to form a society affiliated with the HKGA.  The pack includes the duties of the Handicap Secretary for the society, along with the relevant forms required for the initial application, application forms for new members, and monthly score returns for the society members.  It is a requirement that all societies in Hong Kong must register with the Hong Kong Police Force, this is the responsibility of the society concerned.  The once-only application fee to register a society with the HKGA is HK$500, with an annual subscription fee per member of HK$400.  The usual joining fee of HK$100 is waived for affiliated societies.

The HKGA is responsible for the input of all scores for the current month in readiness for the monthly upload to the data centre.  The society's Handicap Secretary is responsible for the submission of all society members' scores to the HKGA before the 20th of each month.  Please remember to include the member number, date of game, course yardage and tees used on the monthly returns.  For societies with an active membership, consideration will be given to setting them up electronically (as per the Golf Clubs) so that they are fully on line with both the handicapping and tournament packages.

Upon receipt of the updated handicap information from the data centre the HKGA will mail to the Handicap Secretary of each society the monthly updated labels and any handicap cards for new members; along with the detailed game record for each of the society members.  It is the responsibility of the Handicap Secretary for each society to distribute the updated labels and cards to all of their members.

The HKGA can provide society tournament secretaries with up to date handicap details of any HKGA members who may be competing in their society tournaments.  They also answer any queries that society members may have regarding handicap matters.  Being a member of a society has proven to be an excellent means for golfers in Hong Kong to enjoy regular competition and meet fellow golfers in a friendly atmosphere.  This regular opportunity to play in groups also fulfils the "Peer Review" requirement of the USGA Handicap System.

At present there are more than 100 societies affiliated with the HKGA. Many of these societies run monthly tournaments for their members at various courses in Hong Kong, China and the South East Asian region.

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