Mr Kenneth Lam Elected As New President

Posted: Tuesday, 10 Sep 2019

The Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA) announces that Mr Kenneth Lam has taken over from Mr. Yoshihiro Nishi as President of the organisation. Under Mr Nishi’s leadership, the HKGA has made great strides in promoting golf to Hong Kong’s wider population. Mr Lam, who was HKGA Vice President before becoming President, is determined to take its work to the next level, growing the number of golfers and increasing the popularity of golf in Hong Kong. Emphasis will continue to be placed on elevation of golf to Hong Kong Sport Institute (HKSI) Tier A status from its current B status, which would mean significantly more resources from HKSI as well as more funding from the Government.  All of us at HKGA look forward to supporting Mr Lam in further promoting golf and supporting the development of our talented golfers. We would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr Nishi for his contributions to Hong Kong golf.


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