CEO Message

Posted: Friday, 9 Apr 2021

The HKGA is determined to maintain its programmes and services during the pandemic. To ensure operational sustainability, we conducted a review of fees for local HKGA tournaments, which have remained unchanged since 2016 and fall significantly short of the levels that would allow for cost recovery. Following this review, we have made the necessary decision to raise local tournament fees. The new tournament fees will become effective on 1st June 2021. While these new fees will mitigate costs to some degree, the HKGA will still not be able to achieve full cost recovery. All the other programme charges will remain the same.

The HKGA is determined to maintain a comprehensive calendar of local tournaments once the pandemic is under control and social distancing measures have been lifted, including social distancing restrictions on sports venues. Tournament fee adjustments are one of the key initiatives that will help us achieve this important goal.

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