The Members of the Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA) are the four constituent clubs, namely:

Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Discovery Bay Golf Club
The Hong Kong Golf Club
The Shek O Country Club

Individual golfers are not technically members of the Association but are able to enjoy the facilities and services provided by the HKGA and join the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) Handicap Scheme whether or not they are members of these clubs.

Committee Structure

Financial Statements

Memorandum & Articles of Association


Committee Structure

The Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Golf Association (HKGA) comprises the President who is nominated by the four constituent clubs by rotation, a Vice-President, also nominated by rotation, one delegate and one alternate delegate representing each club.  The Executive Committee appoints an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer who must be qualifying members of one of the four clubs.

The four delegates have votes depending on how many qualifying members their clubs have.  In addition, the Executive Committee co-opts various convenors whose job it is to manage through a sub-committee, or personally, matters assigned to them.  The principal sub-committees are:

  • Junior and International
  • Ladies
  • Rules and Tournaments
  • Amateur Status
  • Seniors 

The HKGA holds is Annual General Meeting in September when it elects the Committee for the ensuing year.


President: Mr. Kenneth Lam

Vice President: Mr. Paul Tse

Honorary Secretary: Mr. Tim Tsang

Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Alex Lau

Honorary Chairman: Dr. Ronald Lu


Mr. Andrew Lawson (Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club)

Mr. Roy Lee (Discovery Bay Golf Club)

Mr. Arnold Wong (The Hong Kong Golf Club)

Mr. William Doo Jr (The Hong Kong Golf Club)

Dr. Kelvin Inge (The Shek O Country Club)

Alternate Delegates: 

Mr. Thiyaga Rajah (Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club)

Mr. Albert Leong (Discovery Bay Golf Club)

Mr. Christopher Tsui (The Hong Kong Golf Club)

Mr. Andrew Tsui (The Hong Kong Golf Club)

Mr. Andrew Brandler (The Shek O Country Club)

Financial Statements

Summary of LCSD Subvention and Programme Expenditure:









Memorandum & Articles of Association

Please click here for the Memorandum & Articles of Association.