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This book contains all the Rules of the game as revised 1st January, 2016, together with over 100 illustrations designed to provide easier understanding of those situations that cause difficulties for golfers.

This essential reference book gives guidance on every situation a player may come across including bunkers, water hazards, loose impediments, casual water and much more, including the new ruling on Anchored Putting that has been so controversial. It includes descriptions of incidents that demonstrate the Rules in action and Frequently Asked Questions to aid understanding.

Price HK$200


The book contains the Rules of Golf, updated on 1st January 2016, together with new and revised decisions agreed by R&A Rules Limited and the USGA in 2016.  It will assist in resolving rules problems, both simple and complicated, which arise at all levels of competitive golf.  Each rule is printed in full, followed by a question and answer section that provides the correct interpretation of the rule.  Obstructions, out of bounds, lost ball, unplayable lies, water hazards, loose impediments and casual water are just some of the rules that are explained in this essential reference book.

It provides clear answers to practical problems encountered when playing golf.

Price HK$230


All items can be purchased through the HKGA office.